VMworld 2017 (Barcelona)

Ah, Barcelona, one of the busiest cities I’ve been to where it’s nigh on impossible to get a taxi late at night!

I didn’t go early enough to hit the Partner sessions (On a weekend? Really?!) as I landed on the Monday, but I spent more time this year with customers and colleagues. As soon as I started building my sessions, I realised all the interesting ones were full! I have to admit though, last year held a lot more interest for me – this year it seemed a bit scraping the barrel, in the sense of, much less new and innovative solutions were in place.

There were a few familiar faces missing from the stalls, some ‘interesting’ gimmicks… That even for a hardened freebie hunter/blagger (Modern Hunter/Gather), was a little disconcerting! I only came away with this little bloke and a blue LED bouncy ball that someone just shoved into my hand.


Wolverine in a sports jacket! The Lego Build a Mini-fig probably put the most smiles on peoples faces all week!

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