vExpert 2018

So a good week all in – new role, very promising with some good people, ended the week on a good note… Then I get the notification I’m in the vExpert program! Putting alot aside, I’ve had the opportunity to do some really good work across various projects and been responsible for the architecture design, implementation and then directly involved with the end consumer. EUC is about that and I’ve learned that it’s a circular process of taking your best design for the infrastructure, building it and then seeing how the end user consumes what you can provide – you learn from them and go back to what you built and re-evaluate – keeps you honest and on your toes! There’s alot more to just producing an EUC solution these days – I’ve had to do the whole thing from top to bottom and the lines are blurring with what you need to provide that people see, and what you need to make sure is available that they don’t. Managing to do this that gives you the confidence to go forth and not declare yourself an expert, but be confident that you have a lot to offer colleagues and customers and getting a little bit of recognition can help with that.

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