Outlook 2016 freezing when previewing Excel attachments (Windows 10)

Historically, I would have had this problem and resolved it via the following:

Me: Good morning end user who calls ten times a day, what’s the issue?

Them: There’s a problem with my system.

Me: … What part of the ‘system’?

Them: Email.

Me: You can’t send email, or…?

Them: Yeah, email system just isn’t working and hasn’t been for days

Me: Ok, well no-one has reported this, I’ll get one of the FIRST LINE guys to call you back, I’m making server magic here.

Them: No, I need it fixed now. I can’t work and haven’t been able to work for days!

Me: Ok, no worries. I’ll get one of the guys to come down right now.

And then forget about it, until the guy I sent down is having a panic attack and quite possibly may have been bodily harmed, so google it and get it fixed.

Now, I’ve had this issue for months. I go, oh, excel preview freezes! I hate excel! (and I do) and just save the attachment. Then I decided I’d had enough and googled it. Stupid Excel.

Dead easy – go into settings -> mouse and touchpad settings (or Type ‘Mouse’ or however you get there – I still get lost)  – Turn off ‘Scroll inactive windows when I hover over them’


Aside from the creative license in my conversation – I genuinely had, on a regular, repeated basis from the same people, the same opener and continued insistence that the ‘System’ isn’t working for a multitude of different things… Along with, I can’t log in. It won’t let me login. It doesn’t like my password. Oh it’s turned on now I can log in.

Don’t get me started.