New toys!

t’s that time of year (Year End) where I can buy some new toys. Not as much as I’d like, but it’s always nice to treat yourself!

I work off multiple monitors, my primary one being an old LG 42 inch IPS screen TV. From about a foot away. As you can imagine, the amount of painkillers consumed in the week to offset the migraines, kinda had to stop!

So, after agonising over what to get next, I went for the following to radically improve the health of my poor bleeding eyeballs and the tidiness/reduce the clutter in my office.

So, major choice – an new ultra wide screen monitor. With speakers. I don’t game much and work more, so wanted something that could do both and after a great deal of research I bit the bullet and went wider, rather than just bigger (there’s a joke in there but I’m not saying it!). And I don’t regret it – from unboxing and using, I am more than happy that ultra wide is the way forward!

I went for the LG due to the cool feature it has to split the screen into separate sections with the included software, but what makes this even better, is that  you can apply different profiles to each section, so you can have a section in Reading Mode, whilst others stay in whatever profile you want – means you can read a wall of text without sacrificing the colour of a separate section.

I’ve also done a little bit of gaming on it and happy to say it works really, really well – tried on Prey so far – Dishonored 2 next!

Linky to LG 29″ Ultrawidescreen Monitor