Starting off

Welcome to the beginning of the Kibble Network Universe! I had the idea many years ago, of setting up a network of websites that encompassed my work, my interests and the same of colleagues (web designers, musicians and all sorts) and like many (supposedly) great ideas… It went nowhere. So, this is the start of my blog that will be about all things technical, from my job within IT, where I specialise in a mixed bag of infrastructure, EUC, consultancy and innovation, as well anything else I fancy throwing in. I do aim to use this a sort of wiki/Bible and store a great many things I’ve learnt centrally, that I’ve come across in my career.

I was originally from a very corporate background and now focus on Primary Health within the NHS, but this blog isn’t just about that. It’s about things I’ve learned (and forgotten) and in a way, giving back to the community that has helped me to design, build, implement and fix projects that I’ve been proud of. It’s also about any gadgets or tech I get involved with.

If you’re wondering what Kibble is (and it isn’t just dog food) the reference is from Blade Runner, or primarily, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep and it refers to all the accumulated physical and emotional junk we get lumbered with that no matter what we do to rid ourselves of it, it keeps coming back.

Like when you put that bit of equipment in the attic, thinking you don’t need it anymore. Then a year later, you need it desperately and can’t actually remember where you put all the bits.

Or when you fix something so obscure, you think that it’ll never occur again in your professional life time. Then you get involved in something that needs  that thinapp of IE8 and have to somehow re-create a Windows XP machine from the scrappy CD you chucked to the back of a drawer…In your last job…